Introduction to Clown

We all have an Inner Fool - the child we once were that society doesn't allow us to express. Its playful and ever-changing nature is our greatest creative resource : its ability to accept itself unconditionally, our greatest source of healing.

Through improvisational games and spirited play, learn to:

  • Live in the Moment
  • Shoot from the Heart
  • Thrive on Change
  • Laugh at Failure
  • Enjoy the Healing Power of Humour
“The clown workshop took me back to a time and place where life was full of fun, play, laughter, and self acceptance. After the workshop I found life less serious but more profound. Jan is an intuitive master. It’s impossible to not gain some personal meaning from this workshop.”
— Hazel Borg, pharmacist
Seva Resource Workshop, Montreal

Seva Resource Workshop, Montreal