Client Comments

building personal Leadership
The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

"Wow! The neutral mask was a life changing experience - for the first time in a very long time I could remove the self-critical voice that was holding me back from becoming the leader and person I wish to become. I can't thank you enough for your guidance through this journey."

"Neutral mask opened me up to the idea of authenticity, and made me want to search out more mask work."

"The clown workshop was wonderful."

"The clown session probably had more impact on me than any other session."

"Amazing and gifted facilitator. And funny!"

"Brilliant! An excellent tie-in that made me re-think the celebration of risks and perceived failures, and to look at them as successes."

"My inner child thanks you. Fun, and hugely thought provoking. An experience I would like to repeat with my work teams."

"Wow! Jan allowed me the freedom and environment to play and feel. The learnings from this one evening will stick with me forever."

"Jan created excellent learning opportunities. She was able to put a group of anxious participants at ease."

"Great to get us out of the box."


Corporate Creativity & Innovation

"The Kodak Film BIS Flow project team has saved four million dollars so far, after applying Jan's Creativity and Breakthrough Thinking techniques to an analysis of production processes."
- Jim Elzinga, CEO, Heroic Hearts, Toronto

"Creativity and innovation are critical to our business. Jan's workshop helped our design team to think outside the traditional R and D box. The results were new toy ideas that are the most playful that we've created in years."
- Kathy Klaus, President, Educo International, Inc., Edmonton

"What a brilliant contribution you made to all the retreat participants, and to me, by opening the door to allowing us to cherish our inner fool."
- Raymond Aaron, Raymond Aaron Group, For Love & Money Retreat

"Thanks for the pep talk at For Love and Money. It helped me to 'jump off the cliff', and all kinds of bridges are forming! I am in the process of starting not one, but two new businesses and it's full speed ahead from here. How exhilarating!"
- Judi Krauskopf, participant, For Love & Money Retreat

"Jan opened my eyes to possibility!"
- Dan Talbot, BIS Flow Project, Kodak Film

"Jan Henderson is a consultant who has provided my company with experiential learning seminars. She is an exceptional facilitator, expert in finding the approaches that help her students to learn quickly whatever technique is needed for the situation."
- Marilyn Herasymowych, President, MHA Institute, Inc, Calgary

"Jan spoke at our conference today and she was outstanding!"
- Kathryn Botlyforth, Alberta Economic Development


Humour and Healing,
Change Management

"Thank you for your wonderful humour workshop - it lit our weekend with laughter and joy - what a gift! You are an angel with wings of cheer."
- Marilyn Hundleby, Director, Mind-Body Clinic, Dept. of Psychology, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta

"An insightful presentation that made us scream with laughter as well as think about things from a different perspective."
- Erna Soderberg, Manager, Alberta Human Resources & Employment, Red Deer, Alberta

"Good balance of theory and activity. Pacing, content and process were all excellent!"
- Carol Cameron, Manager, AADAC Youth Services, Edmonton

"Bless you! You are an awesome, gifted motivational speaker - and funny!"
- Giselle Yamish, Edmonton Family & Community Services

"My family counselling students really enjoyed the opportunity to break out of their graduate student mode and re-experience the simple joys of playing."
- Dr. Don Sawatzky, Educational Psychology, University of Alberta


Clown and Mask Workshop participants

"What can I possibly say, except that this was the single best thing that has ever happened to me. Fabulous course - amazing, wonderful."
- Chris Bullough, actor

"The best atmosphere for learning I've ever experienced.
- Marianne Copithorne, actress

"This is the most valuable course I have taken during my 5 years at university. Jan is a phenomenal teacher - if one day I have students who feel as strongly about me as I feel about Jan, I will consider myself to have arrived as a teacher.
- Helen Coombs, drama teacher

"Jan is an excellent teacher. This course has changed my life."
- Ymit More, student

"A brilliant creative experience. I was permanently and profoundly changed by the course - it transformed my relationship to language, performance and the body.
- Di Brandt, poet, Professor of Literature, University of Windsor

"This course is an invaluable asset to the Drama program at the U. of A., and applies to anyone interested in exploring their personal creativity - the dedication of the instructor and the emphasis placed on allowing each member of the group to find their own relationship to the process made this course exceptional among all the theatre courses I've taken. I hope it continues.
- Andy Houston, Drama Dept Head, Lakeland College, Alberta

"Thank you for an incredible three weeks of transformation, inspiration and celebration. I have found joy again, and discovered things I never dreamed possible. I have begun to feel whole again."
- Allison Nichols, singer

"When I consider all my university and theatre training, Jan's courses are the ones that I draw from the most. The skills I learned from Jan celebrate the essence of each student while nurturing their self esteem."
- Deborah Bird, High School Drama Teacher

"Jan's clown workshop was the catalyst for an extraordinary creative awakening. As a therapist and workshop facilitator, I continue to benefit from the legacy of her unique skills."
- Jan Sterling, M.A. Drama Therapy, University of Hertfordshire,UK

"The most profound effect of the Mask and Clown workshop was that I can better trust my own creativity as a resource to help me problem solve on my feet."
- Liz Oscroft, Psychologist and Play Therapist


Rejuvenation Retreat:
Persons With Developmental Disabilities,
Calgary Region Service Providers

"Thank you on behalf of all the participants in the Rejuvenation Retreat for an exciting, hilarious, and nurturing two days. There has been a lot of laughter around our office since the session. We hope to set an example for enthusiasm and creativity in the service providing community."

"The best retreat I have ever been to."

"Fantabulous! The speakers were incredible - Jan was outstanding."

"I have been to many conferences, retreats, and workshops and never have I been so impressed."

"Thanks for the incredible tools to take back to the work site."

"Having the opportunity to network and enjoy each other has established a better working environment for everyone. Energizing the people who deliver the services will strengthen the quality of the service provided."

"This retreat was a truly phenomenal experience. Being in such a safe environment with people that I thought were my adversaries taught me that through laughing together there is a possibility that I could trust them. This will really have an impact on how I conduct my work. The most incredible realization is that after all this, my client will really benefit."